Ostional turtles

Turtle Arrivals in Ostional!

The beach of Ostional is the scenery for a rarely-seen biological wonder. In rainy season, the week before new moon, hundreds - and sometimes hundreds of thousand sea turtles come to one specific mile of beach at Ostional to dig their eggs into the black, volcanic sand. 

The Ostional Wildlife Refuge in Costa Rica was created in 1984 to protect one of the world's most important nesting sites of the olive ridley sea turtle.

Only olive-ridleys and their close relatives, Kemp's Sea Turtles, the latter an Atlantic species synchronize their nesting in mass emergences or "ARRIBADAS", the Spanish word for arrivals.

Tour include. $60 Per Adult $50 kids. 3PAX minimum

- Transportation from Nosara.

- Beverages.

- Entrance Ticket.

- Experience local Guide.

- Pictures.