"I really love this beautiful place called Nosara.  Where the people are friendly, sincere, and respectful.  The ocean is the perfect blue!  With many mangroves, turtles, mountains, and rivers to enjoy.  Nosara has a rustic mix with the modern touch.  We promise to be offer an unforgettable visit and plant a seed of “Pura Vida” in your hearts."



Edwin (PiÑa)

"I believe that Nosara is the perfect place to come to enjoy life and relax.  With many things to do like kayaking, snorkeling, eating delicious fried snapper, and watching the unbelievable sunsets.  We offer various morning, day, and evening activities that will make that amazing moment come to life with the perfect atmosphere."



Oldemar Garcia

"After 40 years of finding Nosara, I never want to leave.  Filled with wonderful people, you learn the true meaning of friendship. Nosara is the luckiest place in the world where you will see the beauty of nature, smiles, and friendly people wanting to do good.  Please come and let us take you along many amazing trails, fishing trips, and many more activities in Costa Rica."